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Kurt Cobain – 50 years old / She Anchors

Shocking News! – Man discovers large hairy birthmark on arm /  In itself

Dangerous: Police search for ketchup woman  /  I AM UGLY TODAY

You-hoo candy bar review

Won some shoes

A Journal Entrée (18+)

Lyrics – Rainmail

The Codex Sagittarius Ophiuchus

Abuse – Man shocks Facebook with profile picture

The most accurate McDonalds 20-piece chicken nugget review on the web!

Yu-Gi-Oh duel! duel links

March 1st – A time for change

McDonalds STRAW giveaway

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Sarcastic underbags

No excuses

Cursive writing – Save your signature

Arrowhead restaurant


The cemetery ball

The last of Logan

The roaming raccoon

The anti-critics

The Visitor

Appreciate today

Matilde lives!

Leaving a legacy

Welcome to Pennsylvania


Outrage – Man uploads dog hat picture to Instagram

She says

Beyond the looking glass

Tonino’s Pizza

Saint Patrick’s day – Club winner


Misplaced Fortunes

The puzzle man

Shocking – Woman becomes cat


Across the lot

Report cards

Themes of loss

The writers club – Our history


Trump – Bunny boys shipped to Canada

The codex – Sugar cubes

Lost in time

Pale skin on an empty canvas

Finding it

1 AM


Disco number 9

April 1st – Stay consistent

TWC curse

My perspective

You’ve Lied