Author: Nikki Stone
I am ugly today~

No one wants to see me.

Blurting out random truths–

Ugly – forbidden – hard-ridden truth…

In arrogance & ignorance witnessed…

Carved on my skin,

Through my skull–

Drilled into my brain.

Judgments made.

Yes, I know I am ugly… today.

I am…

Blood red eyed, rubbed off tears… mascara down my face.

As I sit penetrated by judgment taken…

And make my own judgemental claims.

Upon this new race of over-medicated, highly sedated, prescribed junkies

Masquerading in their silk stockings, doing their name droppings…

High browed acting better than you.

And I am the ugly one.

Yes, I am ugly today…

Full of unbiblical terms…

Just boiling over – seeping from my lips,

Dehydrating my soul – as beauty evaporates from the life I’ve known.

Over time worn, sworn, faith diminished…

Stomped on by jealous neighbors, so-called friends – acquaintances & screwed up peers.

And yes, I am the ugly one…

I am just so ugly today –

Scarred by actions speaking louder than words…

Lack of action leaving me paralyzed in frustration.

I know who I am… who I have been…

And it’s never been all that pretty.

I am ugly today….

Just so freakin’ ugly today…

Please just go away!

Leave me alone…

Let the voices go – tell them not to speak to me — please.

I just want to rock back and forth bang my head against a nice cushioned wall

And let this craziness unchain me!



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