Pale Skin on an Empty Canvas

Abbi Jeffers

So I reconcile with my denial
Such a waste of a pretty face
I dance in hues down empty church pews
I speak thy name in vain

The color crimson where the blade has bitten
I still stand with my heart in my right hand
A slight beating where sweet nothings are sleeping
My love is true, but it always turns blue
Did I lose my way & gone astray?

I was taught to be independent, not dependent
I had to show I was strong, but maybe I was wrong
Myself to lead is quite the mystery
I’ve gone cold, old to new, or new to old?

Only memories, silent subtlety
People don’t know that I cry myself to sleep but I will never show
I show peace, but inside I’m breaking down piece by piece
I’m young but everything is numb
Where do I go? My hearts not at home




  1. you have written beautiful poem on your breakdown inwardly but pretending to be ok on the surface. Great selection of words in somewhat rhytm.

    kindly read my poem DOWN SLOPPY HILL and leave your valued comments

    Liked by 1 person

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