The Codex – Sugar Cubes

I am a test subject
Under the Doctors white light
This head of mine a curious sight
Evil corporations and fake might

As soon as you feel at peace!
The eyes above reveal the beast
I hate what you’ve become!
I take what you sell
Give it back as a pill
And say it’s sugar
Oh sugar!

When the sun weeps behind the curtain of black deceit
You’ll know all along
Oh sugar!

I am an honest guise
Protecting my own mind
I’ve become new and jaded
From the world you’ve created
Shatter my mind like glass
So that I may pass

I love all the hatred
A life no longer wasted
And we darling will fly
Behind the black eyes
These sugar pills are sweet
Why can’t we feel our feet?
Feet, Feet


The Codex Sagittarius Ophiuchus




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