SHOCKING – Woman Becomes Cat


Abbi Jeffers mid-transformation

Montandon Pa – Abbi Jeffers was your typical 22-year-old girl. One day while working at Chipotle customers began noticing clumps of cat fur in their burritos and salad bowls.

That’s when everything changed for Abbi. She looked at herself in the mirror and discovered a set of cat ears and even a cat’s nose. We asked Abbi how a human could suddenly become a cat seemingly overnight. “Don’t assume my species” Abbi said.

“Life is completely different since I’ve become a full-fledged cat. I have my own giant litter box. The food is a little gross. It will take some time for me to get used to.” She added.

We asked the furry woman if she had a final response for The Writers Club. “Meow, Meow, Purr, Purr. Meow.” She said before licking herself vigorously.



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