Poetry – Misplaced Fortunes

We write our own destiny
We become what we do
I read my fortune as it slipped from palm to floor
How fitting I thought to myself late that August
Aside a window fixed upon a door

A temperance over the forge of life
Amongst African drums
Or buckets of tar
Whatever it may be
Has been laid out before me

Visions that fall from places unknown
Guide me through the blizzard snows
I’ll be ready to take on another day
Picking myself back up again
It goes without saying that I am swayed
To a life shown through lenses that were once unknown to me

In my clouded state of mind
Believe in me
Need not worry that I can fly
For it is the toss I seek
Into the wind to be set free

Express my minds eyes to the world impure
Easing minds since made assured


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