Sunday’s Prayer

Lord God

Bless those who read this prayer.

Help guide the lives of all people into a positive, happy, and prosperous direction.
May the good works of all people speak volumes to you Lord. Bless those who take sacrifices and may the fruit of their deeds be provided to them under holy will.
Bless everything that hides in the shadows and may it’s nature be revealed in the light.

See the goodness in the deeds of all people. Deter people from those who love to watch others suffer. May their dreams be realized in the best sense.

They laughed in the face of Christ Jesus for being a teacher. They beat him into a bloody pulp and hung him on a cross for 3 days to suffer for his good work. May the clowns of the earth look him in the eye someday and feel nothing but immense guilt for their jokes on him.



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