The Last of Logan

Logan serves as the conclusion to a stretch of X-Men films starring Hugh Jackman (James) and Patrick Stewart (Charles).

I felt this was more of a darker entree in the Marvel catalog due to the nature of these final performances that fans have come to love over the years.

Logan is brutal in terms of violence. Some of the goriest death scenes I’ve ever seen in a film altogether. I couldn’t help but pity James for his deteriorating health and his inability to show love. His past certainly has caught up to him in Logan. The inner struggle is conveyed in Hugh’s performance from the very beginning to the bitter end.

This is by far the grittiest, dirtiest, and bloodiest wolverine movie to date. The human element Logan provides its viewers makes this superhero movie a special treat for audiences everywhere. Just be sure to bring some extra tissues.

Just for fun I couldn’t help but notice similarities between ‘Logan’ and ‘The Last of Us’ developed by Naughty Dog Studios. I won’t spoil much but here are some of the things I mentally took note of throughout the film.

Driving scene from ‘Logan’ featuring James and Laura
Driving scene from ‘The Last of Us’ featuring Joel and Ellie

-Both stories feature a disgruntled male who is tasked with transporting a young female to a far away destination for their safety.

-Both James and Joel become father figures to the girls after wanting no involvement with them initially.

-Both Luara and Ellie are subjects of experimentation.

-Both James and Joel have short fuses and magnificent beards.



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