Poetry – The Roaming Raccoon

Wesley the raccoon was tired of living amongst thieves
With a pack slung over his back he ventured into the trees
Along the way he met a small bird who called herself violet
A yellow bird the name puzzled him but he remained quiet

As the paths forked before them the signs nearby read
Venture left to find happiness take a right and find dread
Violet chirped and swooped and sang like a whistle
While something dark slithered through the thistle

Wesley and Violet stood like prisoners to gallows
As a snake shaded jade arose from the shadows
Unwise are these signs hissed the serpent sly
My visions of the forest are clear as day sky

Cautious and Nauseous
Helpless and Scared
Wesley and Violet
Forced to dare

As they stepped around hornets nets and slithered around holes
Flying over raging rivers and sneaking past porcupine patrols
A clearing ahead could be seen through the pines
The path laid vacant for there were no lines

Alas we have made it a valley made clear
Wesley and Violet boastfully cheered
Your eyes deceive you furry traveler
I am more than a poisonous power
Hissed the serpent unphased

Blinded by ambitious sights
Wesley ran an unfortunate plight
For once he passed into the light
The rocks below his only sight

Saddened by the unfortunate occasion
Violet threw herself into the mouth of damnation
As the emerald serpent lied in the grass
Closing kind eyes beneath a mask



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