Lyrics – The Cemetery Ball

Late one night only once a year
The things of fright all but disappear
For the bodies that lay deep within the earth
Come alive and dance for all their worth

They sing and they howl
Twirling under the midnight cowl
Bones and flesh falling to the floor
The ravens short of nevermore

The crows caw
The branches creak
The wind blows
The clouds leak

The smell of rot fills the air
Dead men combing thin strands of hair
As their dates arrive dressed in gowns
They laugh and cheer until their jaws fall out

Reanimated for the night to find love and life
They whisk and whirl without a care
No eyes to see, no eyes to stare
Kissing and dancing hand in hand
A night to them so very grand

As the bell chimes faintly
The ball nears its end
While the dead lay back inside their boxes
To descend below the earth above
Sleep they will till next year comes
For even the dead are eager to love



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