No Excuses

Everyone wants a better life. How will you determine your future? Some people determine their future by waiting for their desires to be given to them like Christmas presents. We create excuses to bail us out. Everyone knows someone who says things like: “I don’t have money.” or “I have too many health problems.”

An excuse is cutting yourself short of the possibility that you COULD have a better life. You don’t need to work your hands to the bone. You simply need to find your own path. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something new. Who really cares what people think as long as your having fun and being productive!

I will never forget seeing a limbless employee doing her job with a smile on their face. Bless her heart for not giving up when she probably could have collected SSI.

Ask yourself why can’t you have a better life?

Every decision you make has an effect. Be proactive in making simple positive choices to better yourself. You don’t need to be drastic. Stay calm and take it slow. If you don’t have money. Try saving more money. If you can’t get a job, how come that limbless employee got one? Quit letting excuses determine what you can, and cannot do.


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