The Most Accurate McDonalds 20-Piece Chicken Nugget Review on the Web!

McDonald’s 20 piece Chicken Nuggets

We stopped by our local McDonalds today for lunch and ordered their classic 20-piece McNuggets. Here is our complete review.

Nugget # 1 This nugget was shaped like Vermont. Tasted great with BBQ sauce.
Nugget # 2 This nugget was more round and had a nice crunch.
Nugget # 3 This nugget tasted more like nugget # 1 except with Sweet & Sour sauce.
Nugget # 4 Had a nice golden brown color. Set the standard for Nuggets to come.
Nugget # 5 I was shocked how juicy this Nugget was. No sauces needed!
Nugget # 6 Reminscent of Nugget # 3.
Nugget # 7 Nugget # 7 was special because I dipped it in BBQ and Sweet & Sour sauce.
Nugget # 8 Shaped like Vermont again.
Nugget # 9 This nugget tasted like the ones before it.
Nugget # 10 The halfway nugget was a sad event for me. I didn’t want the nuggets to end.
Nugget # 11 Nothing special about this nugget. Just your standard nugget.
Nugget # 12 WOW! This nugget was AWESOME! Tasted just like nugget # 9.
Nugget # 13 I dipped this nugget in BBQ sauce which made it taste like a BBQ nugget.
Nugget # 14 I thought I was looking at a map of Vermont but realized it was my Nugget.
Nugget # 15 Nugget #15 was in a previous dream I had which made this one extra special.
Nugget # 16 Tasted like Vermont.
Nugget # 17 Nice golden brown color. Juicy white meat chicken. A perfect nug.
Nugget # 18 Tasted like Nugget # 20.
Nugget # 20 This nugget reminded me of Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.



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