The Spotlight – 97.9X ROCKS!

site-logoWhen it comes to rock radio serving NEPA there is only one kingpin of the airwaves. 97.9X has been my go-to station of choice for many years. Whether I’m delivering pizzas or working on my blog no other station satisfies my hunger for rock like 97.9X. Are you in the mood for bands like Nirvana, Metallica, or maybe some Stone Temple Pilots? Don’t fret because they have you covered in all genres and styles of rock. But wait, that’s not all. Let’s talk about the contest and giveaways. Yes, they are constantly giving away prizes and free goodies. Are you caller X? Congrats you have just won something, rest assured you have won something worth bragging about. Are you more of a texter? They have ways to win awesome prizes just by texting 646-36 you could win backstage passes and meet and greets to see your favorite bands. Needless to say, their generosity is apparent. I highly recommend visiting for more information!


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